Seven Wonders of Dublin

Today, the comedic stylings of Ben & Mackenzie:

As we prepare to depart for Ishenboffon (Inishbofin), we, the blogasauri, believe this is an appropriate time to recap seven of our favorite things from our time in Dublin.

7. Dodging Traffic

From pigeons to pedestrians, Dublin’s roadways are filled to the brim with motion. It’s no surprise, then, that we have had an ample amount of near-death experiences with several transportation vehicles. Buses take corners sharply, and cabs will definitely run red lights. On the bright side, no one’s died.


6. Bicycle Bros

You know what makes you cool? Doing wheelies. You know what’s cooler? Blaring alarms while doing wheelies. You know what’s the coolest? Blaring alarms while doing wheelies while interrupting the casual conversation and games of complete strangers! (We’re definitely not still mad…)

P.S. Bike’s are just acoustic motorcycles.

5. Puppies!!!

Puppies. Everywhere. ‘Nuff said.

4. Dead People

Do you have any bodies that need preserving? Do you wish your whole family could be buried in the same place for centuries to come? Have we got a deal for you: Irish crypts. You want a cool temperature? We got it. You want low humidity? You betcha. You want complete darkness? We got your back. Pretty great deal, huh? But wait, there’s more! These crypts are still active to this day? (No, this is not a joke.) With just five easy payments of a 16th century salary, you too can own your very own, creepy, dark, and totally not disgusting family crypt! It’s really the gift that keeps on giving!

3. Irish Eating Apples

“They literally have no flavor.” – BJ

2. Violent Bob

When I see a documentary about Irish women’s roller derby, the first thing I think before going in is: “Man, I hope they feature the loud and annoying male coach more than literally any of the actually skilled women on the teams!” (Not to be mean…but seriously, Violent Bob? Violent. Bob. That’s the guy you want to focus your movie on? That fashion? Sure…ok.)

  1. The People

All joking aside, Dublin has been a great experience. We’ve met so many kind, genuine, funny, and overall wonderful Irish people who have been legitimately willing to share both their culture and their experiences with us. It’s been a great time, and we can’t wait for Inishishinboffin. (Also the food is the bomb… thanks, Jooj!)