Hello from Vermont!

We just wrapped up a full weekend of planning, organizing, reserving, and getting stoked on Ireland.

First off, we can’t wait to meet you all and get down to the business of writing. We’ve got tons of prompts and activities that will get you out in Dublin and exploring the island of Inishbofin as we write our way to the final reading.

We’ve read over the work you submitted along with your application and are very excited by the diversity of voices, your passion, and your enthusiasm for the written word.

We’ve also had the opportunity to spend time with our Visiting Writer and Putney alum and former leader Alden Jones, who will be joining us in Inishbofin—she is as kind as she is talented.

BJ looks forward to seeing you at the airport in New York and Julia is eager to greet you in Dublin with snacks and pens!


Julia & BJ (& Alden)

Julia is excited for Ireland’s famous cloud cover 🙂