From Political History to Roller Derby

Here’s what a quick recap of our travels on day three, courtesy of Gray and Téa:

Today the Putney Writing in Ireland travelers ventured to several locations. Julia’s workshop group visited Kilmainham Gaol and learned about Irish political history, which tied into the concept of the writing workshop in the local park that followed this activity. BJ’s workshop group went to the Trinity College Library and wandered the long rows of preserved historical books. They picked 25 random words from the books to use in a poem. Then we all went and enjoyed festive traditional pub music (a.k.a. “trad” music) and tried Nepalese-based cuisine for dinner. Also we saw a wonderful and fascinating movie at the Irish Film Institute about Irish women’s roller derby which was quite cool! Many people spent some free time in a local candy shop purchasing sweets. All in all everyone enjoyed the day and have fantastic experiences and are looking forward to what awaits behind the next sunrise.

Eureka: the potato of knowledge!

High ceilings, great natural light, close to public trans…I mean, what’s not to love?

Trad music at the Cobblestone/gearing up for our Irish step dancing class.

A group poem was written. Banjo imagery was involved.

We did not have time to read them all.

Sampling the local cuisine. Boiled sweet, anyone?

Because it’s never too early for nostalgia: throwing it back to Monday’s Orientation at the Irish Writers Centre. We’ll be back at the Irish Writers Centre for our final reading, Thursday, July 13, at 5 p.m.! Please join us if you can!