From Jails to Rainbows!

The following post features student writing.

On this lovely Thursday in Dublin the Putney Writers went on many adventures. BJ’s group got an early start to the day and took the public bus to the Kilamainham jail. We heard many stories and learned about the rich Irish history of revolutions in connection to the Kilamainham jail. We then ventured to a beautiful park to answer a powerful prompt regarding a letter to a loved one upon one’s execution, inspired by prisoner James Fisher who wrote a heartfelt letter to his mother before his execution.

Julia’s group had the chance to explore many new worlds today. First, we took a trip down memory lane, writing “I remember” poems in Dublin’s garden of remembrance. Then, we spent some time in the world of fairies, learning all about Ireland’s history with these mythical creatures in The National Leprechaun Museum of Ireland. We ended the day trying a staple of Irish culture, Irish step dancing. Although we did not become professionals, we now know how to cut a rug the Irish way! We went to a delicious pub for dinner, feasting on everything from mussels to mac and cheese.

– Olivia & Sydney

Here are some pics from the day…

Owen, momentarily a leprechaun.

Cheers from Rachel & Danny!

Even the menus are literary.

Tram cafe, ft. Hot Wheels.

Working on our best author photo at the Garden of Remembrance.

Syd the Squid does time.

You can never trust leprechauns…or can you?

Téa: my, this is verdant! Sydney: Yes. Apropos of nothing, do you believe in ghosts, Téa?

Five, six, seven…wait, what?

Post-workshop refreshments!

Juje & Beej have never looked better. Catch you O.T. flip!